About The Film  

A Living Space is a unique exploration of one summer at The Laboratory for Performance – Watermill Center where each year the visionary theatre director and artist Robert Wilson gathers almost a hundred young artists from all over the world giving them the opportunity to collaborate with a selection of art world celebrities such as Jim Jarmusch, CocoRosie, Philip Glass and Daniel Liebeskind to mention just a few. This unprecedented film documents the 50 days of the Watermill Summer Program including interviews with Robert Wilson, invited artists and participants as well as never-seen-before footage from rehearsals, offering a glimpse of the exceptional creative ferment and the relentless force of expression underlying all Robert Wilson's works.


About The Crew  

  • Jakub Jahn - Director -A Living Space Movie
    Jakub Jahn Director

    Jakub Jahn is a freelance cineaste, documentary filmmaker and visual artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. His main interest goes to documentaries exploring the universe of contemporary art and fashion, the core of his work up to now laying mainly in short footage videos. Jakub’s stylistic language arises from the “fashion film” and the “dance for camera” movement. Lately he has opened his genre targets to the thrilling possibilities of video installations and other nonstandard video art forms.

  • David Markovič - Director of photography - A Living Space Movie
    David Markovič Director of photography

    David Markovic is a freelance cinematographer based in Prague. In his work, his visual perception and the main goal is capturing the moment and involving the audience in any given situation - hence David's passion for a handheld style of shooting. Having worked for two major TV channels David recently discovered his freelance soul focusing on fashion videos mostly, though never shying from feature leght pieces.

  • Jozef Pavleye - Executive producer - A Living Space Movie
    Jozef Pavleye Executive producer

    Jozef Pavleye (*1977 Slovakia) has entered the world of film through the back door. After enrolling as a Film Production major but obtaining his master's degree in Marketing and Business Management he went on to found his own company Pavleye Artist Management and Production, representing some of the finest photographic talents internationally as well as catering to a large clientelle spanning three continents with bespoke production services. Having built a solid foundation for over 15 years, Jozef took a leap into the fine arts industry with rather a bang- conceptually conceiving and producing David LaChapelle's largest restrospect exhibition to date, followed by another original galeristic concept for Robert Wilson's Video Portraits all under the roof of his latest venture: Pavleye Art & Culture. Now frequently putting up commissioned as well as original concepts and with two sister companies up and running, Jozef finally had the opportunity to tap into another of his passions - film - stepping into the familiar yet multi-faceted Executive Producer's role.


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